Advice – optimize – produce

We know how

We know how

We are looking for difficult and technologically challenging jobs

Technological consultancy

During the preparation of production we perform a thorough analysis of technical documentation.

Consultation often results in a significant optimization of the whole process.

Based on the supplied documentation we are able to develop processes and programs to produce the requested parts, semi-finished products and assemblies.

Consulting our technologists has a positive effect on the utility properties of the parts and on the effectiveness of production.

Material consultancy

We usually provide our customers with material from our experienced suppliers, but this is not a condition. If the customer preferres, we can manufacture parts from the material supplied by him.

In case the required material is currently unavailable, we are able to recommend and secure the nearest alternative.


Careful production preparation

Careful production preparation

We use the latest technologies.

For data processing we use a computer Workstation equipped with the Auto-CAD and SolidWorks systems in cooperation with the CAD-CAM programs APS Alpha CAM and EdgeCAM in their latest versions.

The system's own resources enable it to create geometries up to 3D. It is also able to upload 3D solid models and continue working with them. Using postprocessors we generate the relevant NC codes.

NC programs are further transmitted via the DNC network to the particular machines as needed.


Production capacities

Production capacities

We continuously increase our production capacities in regard to the requirements of our customers.

We keep expanding and innovating our machine park so that we are able to fulfill all the quality and OTD requirements.